About McKeag Realty Ltd.

McKeag Realty Ltd. has been operating as a Full Service Real Estate Broker in Manitoba, Canada for over 50 years.

We have been operating in the commercial real estate market providing such services as Property Management, Sales and Leasing and Development of commercial properties.

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Professional Property Management

Let us take care of your valuable investment with our Professional Property Management service. Each commercial Client can tailor suit their management requirements or allow our professional and knowledgeable Management Staff to manage all aspects of your real estate investment.

Real Estate Broker

As a full service real estate broker in the Province of Manitoba we can assist in the initial purchase of your investment, the professional management of the investment including budgeting and all accounting activities, contract negotiation and maintenance, any leasing of vacancies and the negotiation of renewal leases, and the ultimate sale of the investment if ever necessary.

Additional Services

In addition to the professional management of your real estate investment, we are also experienced with tax appeals, construction project management, mortgage financing and tenant representation. Whatever your service requirement may be, please contact us so we can arrange to discuss your requirements further. As services vary greatly between many clients, once we have had a chance to understand your requirements, we can prepare your custom fee proposal.

We invite your inquiries and look forward to serving you.